About us
IATA member, Marco Polo (MP) Travel Agency was founded in 2000 and offers sightseeing tours, beach packages, on the most tourist destinations - US, the Caribbean, Mexico and other countries. Exclusive and differentiated products are also available.


Our Manager
  • Adriana Watson

    The Top Manager of US office.

    I love my job. I love making people happy and I love my grateful clients. I am also a passionate traveler. I visited: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Austria, Germany, Romania, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, United Arab Emirates. , India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and other countries.
  • Natalia Andreeva
    Excellent service, beautiful office! I travelled to the Dominican Republic, Adriana told us everything in such detail that we felt completely calm there! I liked the attitude very much, the next trip is sure to come from the travel agency MP Travel!
  • Elena Khanannova
    We decided to travel with our family, the choice fell on Mexico. We chose the MP Travel Agency on Akademicheskaya, spoke with Tamara. She recommended us a hotel that met our requirements and budget, spoke in detail about the country, advised on what excursions it is better to go. Thank you for an unforgettable experience and a wonderful stay. I hope we will travel with you in the future.
  • Tatiana Petrova
    We travelled from the MP Travel agency to Cuba! I liked the work of the managers very much, the girls took into account all our wishes! We were in touch throughout the trip, we were interested in how we were resting, how we were doing)) it is very pleasant and it feels like they are working from the heart. Thank you very much!
  • Galina Slakva

    In February 2019, me and my husband had a trip to Mexico. I liked everything very much, we completely trust this wonderful travel agency and team. Insanely polite, funny, always advise what to choose, where it is better to move in, what conditions are there!


  • Yana Arsenieva
    Thanks a lot!!! We had a great rest !!! We look forward to new travels !!!
  • Alexei Kogan
    The best agency! The best prices!

New York office:
+1 (929) 224-5004
621 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11235. US